Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Magical Engagement 9/12/11

Dreams really do come true in Disney!!

Hey there everyone!! So on Monday September 12 2011, my boyfriend of six and a half years, PROPOSED!!! Okay so grab some popcorn and get comfy because im about to tell the story of a princess and the day her prince charming asked her to marry him. :) ahhhhhh!!!! 

Once upon a time... JUST KIDDING....So earlier in the week Brett had asked me if I wanted to spend our day off at EPCOT. Of course I agreed, so Monday morning found us waking up early and heading off to epcot. We arrived around 11 and began walking around. Brett asked if I wanted to go walk around the World Showcase first. (For those of you non-disney people, the world showcase is the part of epcot that has the countries). So anyway, we head in the direction of Canada and eventually end up by the International Gateway (once again, for those who dont know, this is the back entrance of epcot that connects to Disney's Boardwalk). Brett asked me if I wanted to leave and go walk around the boardwalk for a bit. So I agreed. We start walking toward the Beach Club resort which is a gorgeous resort with a little beach in front of it. So as were walking, Brett asked what I wanted to do...I told him that I didnt really care but we should sit down and figure it out. (that's actually exactly what he wanted.) So we sat on one of those bench swings on the beach facing the lake and were trying to figure out what to do.....
Back Story
3 Hours earlier...
As I was getting ready for the day at epcot, I decided to wear a dress. (I rarely wear dresses so it was sooo cool that I actually looked nice for such a special day.) Anyway, I was looking everywhere for my Pandora bracelet because I wanted to wear it and was freaking out that I couldnt find it. I asked Brett if he had seen it, and he told  me not to worry about it because we needed to get going. So annoyed and frustrated I couldnt find it, we left the house.
FFWD back to the bench swing on the beach...
Okay so were sitting there and Brett tells me that he found my bracelet on the way out of the apt today...I was like oh.. okay.... where was it? he told me it was next to the bed and he pulls it out of his bag and hands it to me..I look at it and go to put it on.. and OMG!!! he put the ring on the bracelet! The minute I realized it, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!! AHHH it was amazing!! So after the smiles, hugs, kisses and screams I told him I needed to call my mom. He said I HAD to call my friend Jordan first because she helped him plan it. So, I called her and she was like AHH CONGRATS, now come say hi to me.....what...So I turn around and there she is!! She was stationed on the lawn chairs taking pictures!! PERFECTION!! So she took some pics of us on the beach and went on her way!! She is amazing! 
So if that werent enough of a surprise in itself, we walked around the rest of the boardwalk while calling the rest of our families and ended up over by the Boardwalk Inn. Brett said we were going in to get Just Engaged buttons, when really... we were checking in! He booked us a night at the Boardwalk with a view of the lake. It was amazing. So we checked in and got our room then ended up going over to Magic Kingdom to take pictures in front of the castle and to tell everyone at work the good news!! :) 
After that, we changed and went to surprise #3.. Dinner at Les Chefs De France at Epcot. Complete with a 10$ glass of wine, french bread, salad, some delicious french version of baked mac n cheese, and creme brulee for dessert. Best part? we had a window seat so we got to watch Illuminations (Epcot's Firework and light show) from the dinner table!!!! :) I know right????
So we made our way back to the room and ended the night at the pool/hot tub. Needless to say it was a perfect day. We had perfect sunny 85 degree weather all day. With NO RAIN! It was so much fun and I was so surprised! We checked out of the hotel this morning and had breakfast at the bakery on the boardwalk. Now begins the fun part of planning our dream wedding! We thank everyone for the wonderful support and congratulatory messages you have sent our way. Get excited for the most EPIC wedding ever!!!! 
And they lived happily ever after..
The End

Sunday, August 21, 2011

where did the summer go?

So, before ANYONE begins to tell me about how I have been completely neglecting my blog, let me go into as much detail as I can about what I have been up to all summer. So the last time I posted, well for real, I had really just started my job. Now, I have been here over three months and it has been a crazy roller coaster ride. So before I really get started I am going to tell you all a few things about what I really do and some fun experiences I have had.
So a normal shift for me is about 7-10 hours and usually is from about 3-5 pm to anywhere from 11-3 am. The summer was crazy bcs 2x a week we had extra magic hours for resort guests from 12-3 am so I would be there til 4am a few times a week. That was exhausting. My paychecks are pretty decent but most of it seems to go to rent and other stuff. People think that working 10 hours is really terrible but its nice because we rotate every 45 mins or so to different positions (theres about 20 different positions we could be at). And then we get a break every 2-3 hours. So it goes by really fast. The shifts go by even faster when you get to work Wishes. Wishes is currently the night time fireworks show at Magic Kingdom. Back in June I was trained to work wishes, which is basically just being trained on what to do in case debris falls or if a guest runs into a restricted area. So I get to work wishes a few nights a week, which is from 8-1045pm. There are like 8 different positions we could be at. My favorite is the one at the front of the castle where you get to watch the parade, the Magic, Memories and You, and Wishes. The magic, memories and you is a projection show on the castle, which is AMAZING!! Oh another fun thing about working is sometimes if we are over staffed, we are assigned a task, which includes things like, go blow bubbles for 15 mins, go hand out stickers, go move strollers, etc. so that is a sort of extra break/ something fun to do. 
Another great part of this is making things called Magical Moments. I think I might have mentioned this before but it is when you decide to do something over the top to make a guest or guests happy. This can be anything from offering extra information that would help make their experience better, to giving them fast passes for space mountain, or walking them onto an attraction in Fantasy Land, and basically anything else you can think of. I have 2 favorite magical moments that are worth mentioning. 
The first one was early June, and there was this little boy named christopher and it was his 3rd bday. He was about to go on small world and started screaming. He seemed to think that Small world was snow white (which is really scary for kids), and he refused to ride. So I had gotten into a conversation with his mom and grandmas so I offered to make some magic and walk them onto peter pan. (Thats a big deal, bcs peter pans line is usually 40-70 min wait. ) So we get up to Peter pan, and he starts screamming again!! Ohh no, now he thinks this is snow white. So i put the grandmas on the ride and the mom and Christoper exit the ride. So now hes confused so i got down on his level and explained to him that the scary one was snow white and finally convinced him that small world was fun and pretty etc. So I walked the 2 of them down the cast member entrance at small world. He thought it was the most amazing thing ever bcs he got to go in the special person enterance. So I put them in the front row and ran up to tower to wave goodbye to him. I waited for themm to get off and met him at the end of the ride and he was all smiles. I proceeded to tell him that while he was on the ride, someone called for him and left him a message. So I walked him over to the phone, where he proceeds to hold my hand, and gave him the phone. There was GOOFY on the phone wishing him a happy birthday!!!! I then let his family listen to the message as well and they all thought it was the most amazing thing in the whole world.
The second one was early August and this little girl had ridden small world like 4 times in a row right at the end of the night. So the second last time around, she asked if i could ride with her, and i couldnt because we were still open! So as she was about to go on here last ride the ride had just closed for the night and my job as closer was to do the ride through. So I was going to HAVE to ride the ride in the boat behind the guests anyway, so I figured, why not ride WITH the guests and make the little girl happy. So thats what I did. She thought it was the coolest thing ever and the whole time kept talking to me and holding my hand and calling me her disney friend. It was amazing.
So theres tons more of those moments but I would be here all day trying to tell all of them. So now onto what my summer has entailed. 
June was filled with many days just playing in the parkss and having fun with new friends. I met tons of people the first few weeks I was here, so I hung out with them alot. The end of june, my dad, his girlfriend Angie and her kids Erin and Ryan came down and stayed at the Royal Plaza and we did 3 days of disney. We got through almost everything at Magic Kingdom and they were able to come visit me at work that night. We had lots of fun at animal kingdom and hollywood studios the following day and ended the disney part of their vacation at epcot drinking margaritas and watching illuminations. They left the next day to go to visit my grandparents and then headed to daytona.. I was able to join them in daytona for a day and enjoyed laying on the beach, relaxing and ended our visit with a great seafood dinner at a little place on the water. It was a great visit. 

July seemed to fly by. we celebrated the 4th by having a cookout at Mike's friends house and then we watched fireworks at magic kingdom. That was CRAZYYY! Mid-July brought my best friend Kayla down to visit. She was staying in clearwater with her family, and I got to go spend some time out there with her and spend a whole day on the boat out on the gulf. It was a perfect day and it was so great to be able to catch up with her. It was a short visit but we ended the great day with dinner at frenchies on the water, where I tried mussles, grouper, and other seafood.!! GO ME! Bretts mom was here for a few days mid-july as well. We had a few nice lunches and spent some quality time together, but it was hard bcs we were working crazy hours that week. July also consisted of many late night meals at Ihop with the fantasyland family after our 3 or 4 am closings. And July ended just as quickly as it baegan just to start our EXCITING month of August!
This month started off on the right foot, and I knew it would lead to a great month. On the 2nd, me and 4 of my closest friends, Jordan (my bf down here), Zoe, Stephanie, and Caitlin, from fantasy land had breakfast at Cinderellas Royal Table, in the castle. It was sort of a celebration of friendship and the last big hurrah before 2 of the girls had to go back home. We had a great meal where we were visited by cinderella, belle, ariel, aurora, and snow white and ate pastries, fresh fruit, stuffed french toast, bacon, sausage, eggs, etc. It was fabulous. We then went on to spend the day being treated as princesses, pixie dust and all. We laughed, we cried, we ate, we danced, and we had a memorable day. The highlight of the day was dancing with Chip in the Move it Shake it Celebrate it parade. SO MUCH FUN. Brett's family arrived the morning of the 5th. This included brett's parents, sister and brother and law and their three kids, Alex, Jacob and Gianna. That night, our 2 friends from home, Zak and Cameron arrived. The week was spent swimming in the pool, staying at animal kingdom lodge and saratoga springs, eating lots of food at places like wilderness lodge, trails end and chef mickey, playing in the parks, and much more. The kids didnt know they were coming down here so when their parents told them at the airport, they were so surprised. Tuesday night, my mom, brother and sister arrived. They ended up surprising me in the cast parking lot at work when I was leaving. They stayed with us that night and then we started off at DHS early wed morning. We checked into our hotel, ate lunch then went to epcot the rest of the night. We had a great dinner at garden grille where my sister (whos 18 btw) met mickey for the first time!) Thursday we did some running around and shopping and then had dinner at Chef Mickey with all of bretts family and our friends too. There were 15 of us!! it was so much funn!! We then all watched wishes from the roof of contemporary then headed back to swim. Friday, we all did magic kingdom together and I worked for a few hours that night. I worked wishes so I got to watch it with my family from the front of the castle!! I ended up getting an Early Release (ER) that night so I got to have some fun playing in the parks with everyone. It was a sad end to a fun week, as I had to say bye to Margie, Don, bretts parents, and "my" niece and nephews. I forgot how hard goodbyes were. :( Saturday morning mom, adam alayna and I headed to clearwater where we spent time with  our cousins and aunt and uncles. We had dinner, swam and had a disney movie marathon! Haha. Sunday we went to the beach and then had to head back to orlando so i could work. Monday brett, my fammily and I went to my grandparents house for more swimming and dinner with them and my aunt and uncle. Thenn once again the goodbyes hit me hard. We had a great week full of fun and exciting memories that we will never forget. I was off tuesday which was a nice recovery day then was right back to work again on wed. Wed held yet another goodbye. I trained with a girl from Scotland, named Zoe and her program was only 3 months so wed was her last day. Her, jordan and caitllin and I had gotten so close this summer and it was a devastating goodbye watching her leave. We ended the night at Ihop and then said our goodbyes :(  I had a surprise visit by some old friends, the Yerses this week which was awesome and now I am on day on day 5 of a 12 day straight work week. I am attempting to make up for lost hours this month due to visitors.
Needless to say, life down here is anything but boring. Brett and I are doing great, the different work schedules take a toll on us, but we manage to make it work. He was actually just promoted to trainer, so i am very proud of him for that. So basically, thats been my summer and I cant wait to see what september has in store for us!! Until next time!

PS> ill try to add some pics later!! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hey everyone sorry its been awhile....again lol . I have been working tons of crazy hours the past few weeks. Usually Fridays and Sundays are my late nights (most likely I work like 5-330am.) Then theres usually at least 1 if not two more nights later than 1 am lol. It's quite exhausting. Last week I spent some time with friends and magic kingdom and epcot. It was a lot of fun.
We've had a lot of rain lately!! But I'm told that's normal for summer down here. I haven't really gone out at all or done anything crazy exciting but I have plenty of time. It was super exciting for me because a family from home, who my family has known for years, the arcaros are down here on vacation and I randomly saw them on like Thursday. I was sooo excited because they were the first people that I saw down here from home!! Speaking of home...today is one of the first days that I am reallllllyy missing home and that's because its my little sisters grad party and I can't be there to celebrate with her, my family and our closest friend. It's absolutely killing me!!. I miss everyone a lot.:(

Anyway, I am just relaxing by the pool, which u haven't done for a while because of work lol. But its back inside I go to make some lunch andd once again get ready for work. Until next time..
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Earning my ears, Magical Moments, and Long hours.. OH my!

Hey everyone! First off let me appologize for being MIA for so long. Its been crazy down here. With working most nights from about 5 pm til any time between 1145 and 3 am.... I have been exhausted. But still am managing to have a great time on my days off. As stated previously I enjoyed memorial day weekend by spending some quality time with my grandparents and uncle and his gf over in longwood. I went to Animal Kingdom one day last week with my friend Kelly who I met at check in! Its sort of nice having the whole day off before work because I get to enjoy the sun a little bit. So another day last week I went and relaxed at the Polynesian. I went for some dole whip, it is a pineapple ice cream that is only found in 4 places in the US, and ended up relaxing on the beach for a few hrs before work! Perfect. 
June 4th was an exciting day for me! I Earned my Ears!! This means that I passed my assessment and am now able to work by my self!!
Brett and I have not seen eachother alot. :( its usually in passing when we see eachother or at like 4 am. lol So that is sort of frustrating but we have been having at least 1 day off a week together which is nice.On monday this week brett and I were both off so we went to Magic Kingdom for a bit to just have some fun. We got ice cream from mainstreet and were able to hop right on Peter Pan (see long hours do have perks!) lol on tuesday I went to Hollywood Studios (DHS) to have some more fun with my friend Jordan who I work with and her roommates. Turns out we had a GREAT time. We had lunch at Pizza Planet, rode Rockin Rollercoaster finallyy, and got our pictures with a ton of characters. After DHS we went to Magic Kingdom and were there for a bit. We rode big thunder mountain and a bunch of other rides. Needless to say we were exhausted and decided to leave around 11. Wow my life soounds pretty exciting when I actually write it down. Oh we also took Izzi to get groomed at the Disney's Best Friends Resort. Yet it is a puppy hotel on disney property. But with my cast discount we paid just as much as we have ever paid at petsmart. So it was a good deal. 
I worked that night from 3:45-1:45 and actually the night went really fast. Then yesterday I woke up and decided I wanted to visit Brett at work. Cast Members get into the waterparks free until june 12th so I figured Id check out Typhoon Lagoon since i had never been there. It was fun to see brett working! He does merchandise at this shop called Singapore Sals. Its a really cute store. So I went down some slides, waited for the HUGE wave in the wavepool and spent most of my time in the lazy river. Eventually it was time for me to go to work so over to MK I went.
Normally I wouldnt tell you all about a shift a work but there was something special about yesterday.. So Peterpan has the Fastpass option. For those of you that dont know what this is... just ask me. Anyway, so sometimes we get some extra ones to hand out to make Magical Moments. So there have been times before where I have done this, and people arent very excited about it like I would hope they would be. So I had these 2 fast passes last night and wanted to find the right people to give it to. So eventually this couple is walking by and the girl says to the guy, "I dont want to wait 45 mins, weve been here all day and I am tired." So I asked them, have you guys ever been on this before, and they said yes, they had but it was the girls favorite ride since she was 3 lol. So I ask them if they'd like to go, and they got big smiles on their faces and said yes. So I was happy that they were so appreciative and went on my way to continue working. A few mins later I am sweeping, near the exit of the ride and I see the couple talking to my manager. They saw me and said "You made our entire vacation worthwhile and we wanted someone to know!!" So they specifically told my manager and they filled out a paper for me saying that I made an amazing magical moment!! This is what makes these long hours and the hot hot heat, TOTALLY worth it!! :) it was the perfect way to end the night! 

Well sorry for the lonnngg post but hope yall are all caught up on my life now! lol miss you all back home! Byeee!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

memorial day weekend.

Aloha! Just boarded the monorail at polynesian resort to take it to the transportation and ticket center so we can go to epcot. I haven't been there yet since I've been down here so I am excited!! So I had training on Sunday and Monday both days was from 7am-330 pm.
Sunday was training on how to open peter pan!! It was really fun and not too difficult. Oh and I got to actually walk on the ride set, talk about creepy. All the animatronic characters were moving and everything... crazy. So I got to try out all the different positions and interact with guests a lot. I really like it. It's like impossible not to be in a good mood when working there. It was a long day so I was glad to get home. My feet were killingggg me. We just relaxed that night went to Walmart and went to bed early.
Tuesday (yesterday) I arrived bright and early and got to do small world open. It was wayy creepier than peter pan was but it was still fun. It's a small world requires a lot more thinking and attention than peter pan does but its not too bad. I worked til 330 then went home and changed and drove to my uncles for a lookout. We went swimming a.d just hug out for a bit so it was nice.

Today I got to sleep in!! Finally! We went to costuming to get more uniforms. Ps. Costuming is crazy! It is a huge warehouse full of costumes for different areas of the park. All you have to do is go in, grab your costumes, swipe your card lay the clothes on the counter and it automatically registers the items that toy have and that's it!!! So cool, all shopping needs to be that easy.
Oh and to anyone who is looking to live off property for a college program or something, check out where we live. Its called abaco key and it literally takes me 7 mins to get to work at the magic kingdom. I'm actually closer than I would have been if I lived in the cp housing. Annndd I get to take back roads and avoid all the traffic that other cps have to wait in. Amazing.

Oh and to future cps, utilize the stores called company D and cast connection and property control. We get really cheap fresh produce (limited amts), and Disney merchandise for literally 75-90 % off park prices. Example. Mickey ears- 20$ in stores, I can get them for .25 lol insane!
Well that's about it for now. Were at epcot finally and just grabbed a small dinner in Japan!! Now were gonna walk around a bit then watch illumunations! Oh and this is my schedule for the next 2 weeks!! Just to give you a sense of how my schedules will be lol please note the hours of these shifts lol

june 3-11

1 Thurs 6/2 3pm-11:30pm
2 Fri 6/3 6:30pm-3am
3 Sat 6/4 11am-7:30pm
4 Sun 6/5 6:15pm-3am
5 Wed 6/8 3:45pm-1:45am
6 Thurs 6.9 5pm-12:45am
7 Fri 6/10 5:15pm-2:30 am
8 Sat 6/11 5/45-11:45

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

may the force be with you.

Blogging from the 45 min wait line for star tours at Hollywood studios. Just figured I'd drop by and say that I am loving this new life of mine!! Lol I had the day off today so I woke up and had breakfast by the pool then went back, got ready and Brett and I and our friend Andrew went to animal kingdom. It was very hot and packed so we only got on dinosaur but also walked the 2 jungle trails. We left and went to grab some cheap food from burger king off property and then came to dhs (disney Hollywood studios). It's crazy busy here too. So yeah its been a long day and I have to be at magic kingdom for training BY 7am tomorrow. Well that's all for now! :)
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Friday, May 27, 2011

let the rain rain rain come down down down...

Name that movie!! Lol
Hiya pals! Haha I'm blogging from the boardwalk bar lounge while were waiting out the crazy rain storm/monsoon that has ensued in the past hour or so! We came here to pin trade, explore, get ice cream and look for hidden mickeys.
So anyway the past 2 days have been totally crazyy! I am so exhausted! Just to give everyone an idea of training and what its like here's what my schedule has been this week!

Wednesday: Traditions 2-6pm
Thursday: once upon a dream is now class and orientation 715am-5pm
Friday: 8am-430pm training
Saturday: off

So yesterday was once upon a dream is now, this was an orientation to magic kingdom! We got to learn a lot of the history of the park and all about Walt's dream. We also got to ride haunted mansion and people mover while on the clock!! It was awesome! We had some classes, did some online learning exercises and ate lunch! Our breakroom has a subway, a grill, ice cream and so much stuff. It was so cool to eat there, a little pricey tho but that's expected! After lunch we got a tour of our area (mines fantasyland) and got our specific positions! I'm gonna be working peter pan and its a small world! The last thing we did was go to costuming and get our adorable(Haha ya right) costumes. Actually, as unattractive as they are, they could be much worse! At least I get to wear shorts and tennis shoes! So yeah, it was a long day but when I got off I still went to Hollywood studios with Brett and a few of our friends! We went on star tours, puppets and saw Fantasmic ! It was a great day!
Today I had training at 8am and we went straight to fantasy land! We learned how to do fastpass distribution which was standing by the peter pan fastpasses and answering questions, assisting guests with fastpasses, and reloading the actual passes into the machine! We then moved to the fastpass return line and learned what to do there. Very basic. We got plenty of time to practice and surprisingly I felt really comfortable right away! We also got to ride peter pan, winnie the pooh, its a small world and snow white!! Amazingg! We did like 2 hours of online e learning which was quite boring but was all necessary. So basically that was our day leading up to this crazy storm which is surprisingly finally over!! so now its home to watch a movie, maybe play a board game or something then go to sleep! Thank god I get to sleep in tomorrow!! Okay well that's all for now!!
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

it was all started by a mouse!

Hey there! Blogging from the monorail on my way back to my car from magic kingdom!! I got in with my cast ID which I can now do 365days a year.:) awesome.
Today was traditions! It was basically an orientation into the Disney company. We learned about working with integrity, respect, safety, etc. We also got to tour the utilidors which are the underground tunnels beneath magic kingdom! I was picked by my group to be group leader and that was pretty cool! I won a little Minnie figurine and a Pluto one too for answering questions!! It was a long day but totally exciting! Oh and tips dir future cast members, bring snacks, you get very hungry! Oh and girls, don't wear heels, and if you do, bring flats to wear for the tour.

And the best part about today was that I got my official name tag and my cast member ID!!
After traditions I went home, changed, and went to the park!! Now its off to down town Disney for ice cream and walking around!
Well this is my stop to get off the monorail! Hope to talk to you all soon! Have a great day!!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

its a small world afterall....

Hey everyone, sorry its been a few days. So Sunday night 5/22 we had a cp meet up at Earl of sandwich at down town Disney. It was really awkward at first because we didn't know who was cps and who wasn't so we were nervously going up to people. But eventually we met everyone and had a great time. Brett and I met another couple in line for margaritas(needless to say we got along great!) Haha so we chatted for a bit then met some other people too. It was funny because a lot of us were already Facebook friends so we would sorta know each other lol it was funny. So after the meet up we came home and relaxed and I read my book out on the patio.:) perfect!

Monday morning we woke up early for Checkin. We walked in and found out our work locations..... I am working...... FANTASY LAND ATTRACTIONS!!!!! I am generally really excited. This means ill be working things like dumbo, snow white, winnie the pooh, peter pan, mickeys philhar magic, and.....its a small.world. yes that song will be stuck in my head the next 7 months lol. So yeah I an excited to start working. The rest of check in consisted of turning in papers, background checks, learning about the Disney look, etc. We found out our schedule for the next few days as well. I have today off then tomorrow I have traditions (Disney orientation) at 2 then Thursday training 7-5. I will definitely blog about how that goes as well. I also met 2 really nice girls who also live off property so we are gonna get together tomorrow I believe. Oh and I finally met some of my friends who I have been talking to online for a few months so that was exciting!!

Then last night we went putt putting at winter summerland mini golf. It is a Christmas themed putt putt course. Very fun even tho I didn't win!! Oh well ill beat Brett eventually.;) okay well its time to soak up some more sun because who knows when the next time is that ill have a day off!!
Have a magical day everyone.
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Saturday, May 21, 2011


HLey there everyone! Blogging poolside today! Yes that is a pic of our resort style pool at our apartment :) amazing. I haven't Blogger in a few days because we haven't done anything crazy lol. We went to Hollywood studios yesterday for a while. We rode toy story mania and the new startours it was pretty good. The park was packed tho. It was apparently like 3000 over capacity. Yesterday was the first hot humid day we've had this week and it wasn't toooo bad. Oh and we saw pirates!! We saw the midnight showing and it was so good. So that's all I've been up to the past few days and now I am just relaxing by the pool! There's not a cloud in the sky! ( sorry Ohio people don't be toooo jealous!!)

So I am getting very anxious and excited to check in on Monday and start working! I can't wait to see my uniform and where I am actually working and everything!! Okay well sorry this was short and boring but I'm gonna soak up some sun! Love you all!!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey everyone!! Blogging from the lobby at the contemporary resort! We just finished eating dinner at the wave. It's a really nice sit down restaraunt and dinners are like 30$ each but since were on the dining plan, its okay!! So since I have been eating huge meals 3 times a day for the past 3 days, I can't wait to get back to my healthy eating and finally try out the rec center at our apartment.

Today Brett (that's my dbf for those of you who don't know) and I woke up, went to a dvc tour, then went back and put our new desk together! Oh and we went to the best friends resort. Get this, its a resort for pets only. No people can stay there. They have luxury rooms for dogs that have flat screen tvs and big beds Haha it was sooooo funny. After that we went to magic kingdom for a little bit.(were lucky because Bretts mom is also a cast member and is able to get is in to the park until we get our own main gate pass.
Were about to go back to the apt to continue organizing and relax a bit. Pictures will come soon I promise. The place is still sorta a mess.:/ well that all for now have a great night everyone!!
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Monday, May 16, 2011


1 week from today I actually begin my job!! :) Super excited! So last night we finally got all of our stuff! However, it wasnt until midnight! Talk about exhaustion! haha we started unloading at about 12:15am and then by the time we got everything in and organized enough that we could sleep, it was 3:20 am!! This place is still all disorganized but at least we finally have everything! 
Brett and I signed our parts of the lease and then got our key! So that was exciting. Oh and Izzi loves playing in the puppy park that is right outside of our apartment! :) Anddd we bought her a minnie mouse dress that she loves and we got it at this place called company D that is for cast members only! Yesterday we also went to dinner at Ohanas! Its a really nice, Hawaiian themed sit down restaurant. It was delicious :) 
Today we are going to get lunch in a little bit and then go to this place called property control to hopefully find a boxspring, a desk and any other little furniture pieces that we need! Hey Ohio, I hear that its cold and rainy there... its like 75 and sunny here today! Okay, well its back to organizing for me. Hope everyone has a great day today!

<3 alyssa

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, after a 17 hour car ride (that I drove entirely by my self) we made it safe and sound to our new home in Orlando, Florida. I am currently sitting on my balcony with my puppy, Izzi, enjoying the morning, and blogging of course. I am going to do my best to keep up with this so that all of my friends and family can see what I am up to! 

So we left willoughby ohio at about 4:45 am on saturday 5/14 and arrived in Orlando at about 9:30 pm the same day. Almost 17 hours! Exhausting. We are still waiting on the moving truck to arrive with most of our stuff so we arent really able to organize or begin unpacking yet. When we arrived last night, we went for pizza at a new local pizzeria, called flippers! It was soo good! We came back from there and unpacked a few little things, attempted to get Izzi acquainted with her new home, and then went to bed. What a day! Not too sure what today has in store but I am sure its exciting and relaxing!! Okay well thats all I really have for now, I just cant wait to meet all of my new disney friends!!!

Missing all of my Family and Friends back home in Ohio!!! But already loving things about living down here!! Keep in touch and have a magical day!! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Packing and Getting Excited!!

Wow so I totally havent written in like over a month! Reasons for that are endless ranging from sorority events and formals to finals and socializing with friends for the last time before my cp. But anyway I'm back and plan to (we know how that goes tho) update rather regularly from here on out.  Now some of you may not know, but I am not living in the provided Disney housing. Reasons being that I have an adorable little puppy that I could not live without for 7 months and my bf and I have lived tg for 2 years and we couldn't just live apart. So we got an apartment right behind wdw property and its basically awesome! So since we are completely up and moving from ohio to florida we are packing and moving EVERYTHING! And since we arent living in the provided housing, we are moving in a week early to get moved in, unpacked, situated and familiar with the area before we actually begin working! With that being said, we leave in 5 days.. FIVE! sooo crazy.

I have had really mixed emotions lately. I go from upset and sad about leaving everything behind, to being completely excited and unable to handle the constant anticipation!! :) :) But either way, saturday morning is just around the corner and we still have alot to do! We have been packing but are no where near done! Were mostly packing in boxes and big tuperware type buckets but theres alot of random stuff that seems to have no where to go. Goodness, I forgot how tedious packing really is.

I am sort of nervous about the 16 hour drive that I am doing all by myself. I mean I am following behind my boyfriends and his moms cars but still, 16 hours in a car by myself..BOORRRINNNGG! I have already been updating my ipod with exciting disney playlists and other things to keep me occupied.

I really cant wait to find out where exactly I am working and meet all of my soon to be new friends!! :) I am really sad about leaving all of my friendss so I really hope to meet alot of new people! I cant believe that we check in 2 weeks from today. It feels like just yesterday that we were counting down from like 80!

Thats basically all I have for now, but its back to packing and organizing for me. Until nextime...

"If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anndd thats a wrap! 30 day challenge complete!

Day 28: Favorite firework show?
Wishes. It is just soo pretty and really amazes me every time i watch it. And when i even think about it, it makes me want to be there!

Day 29: Favorite monorail color?

Simply because pink is my favorite color and look how cute it looks!! lol 

Day 30: Favorite statue, fountain, or eye candy in the parks? (something that always grabs youreye)

Partners. I love this statue. It really just makes people stop and think. and realize that it really was all started by a mouse! :)

Well thats the end of the 30 day challenge!! I might not write a whole lot for a while.. school has basically been consuming my life recently. But please feel free to comment, email me, or find me on facebook if you have any questions. Ill still be checking this every so often!! 
So until next time....


Sunday, March 27, 2011

30 Day Challenge- Day 26 and 27

Day 26: Favorite Souvenir From WDW

Cute T-shirts are my favorite things to look at/buy when I am there! I am talking about the stylish ones.. not the plain regular t-shirts lol.This one isnt exactly it.. but you get the idea.

Day 27: Favorite Breakfast

Okay random i know. But my favorite way to do breakfast while i am on vaca is this. Usually we stay at Saratoga Springs (or this could reallly be at any resort) but i love to wake up at like 9, go to whatever food area is available, get myself a crossiant and a coffee, then go lay by the pool and eat breakfast while enjoying the morning sun!! I would rather do this any day than eat any other type of breakfast!! It is just so relaxing and its the perfect way to start the day!! :)

Well i only have 3 days leftt of this 30 day challenge but since i still have like 60 some days left i am considering doing the other 30 day challenge thats out there... well see.. Okay well thats all for now.

Oh ps. i emailed housing this week about not living in provided housing and i have to send in this petition thing i guess.. hmm oh well!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Almost done with this 3o day challenge! lol

Day 24: Favorite face character? (shows their true face, no mask)?
Day 25: Belle is my favoriteeee!! :) i have always wanted to be here.. maybe one day i will attempt to audition and get that chance... haha doubtful but whatev.

Favorite activity outside of the park, but still on Disney property?

I love walking around DTD at night! its such a fun and exciting atmosphere and I just love it!! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2 months from today!! :)

Hey everyone! So today is march 23, which means that 2 months from today, all of us 5/23 arrivals will be checking in and beginning a new chapter in our lives!! ahh soo exciting! :) I think that i am most looking forward to meeting new people and being in warm weather 24/7!

Okay so to continue on with the 30 day challenge.. 

Day 23: Scariest Ride

I am NOT a fan of this ride! I have only been on it once and I got really sick!! Appearantly I cant handle the shooting up and free falling down!! notttt my thing!! lol but i do love the theming of the ride!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 21 and 22?? maybe..

Favorite character to see in the park?
Tinkerbelle! She is my favorite and I dont get to see her alot because I never wait in the looonngg line to see the fairies!! lol but she is just sooo cute!

Favorite parade?
Dream Come True Parade!! I just love this one!! itss so magical and happy and I just loovee it!

Ohh and ps.. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Im very behind! lets catch up!!

Hey everyone, 
Sorry I am so behind. I was soaking up the sun in beautiful florida and being on a computer blogging was the last thing on my mind!! lol So anyway. I just got back this morning, we drove straight through and it took us about 18 hours which is longer than it usually takes!! So onto the 30 day challenge!!

Day 16: Favorite Snack to Grab in the parks
Frozen Banana! These are my absolute favorite snacks and a trip to Disney isn't complete with out one!

Day 17: Favorite Restaraunt

This place is soooo good and has THE BEST mashed potatoes ever invented! Oh and if you didnt know this is located in the Contemporary Resort.

Day 18: Attraction you wish they would bring back
This just seems like it would have been really cool!

Day 19: Least Favorite Attraction:

i just HATE this ride... PERIOD! no offense to anyone lol

Day 20: Favorite Dessert
yummmmm :)

Okay well hope you all enjoyed the update.. I shall be back to update more regularly! PS. thanks to all my new followers and anyone else who bothers to read this!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

day 14 & 15

Day 14
Favorite animal kingdom attraction:

I just love how exciting and creative this ride is!!

Day 15.
Favorite resort
Polynesian! It's just beautiful and relaxing! Haven't states there yet but I will one day. Following close behind is the contemporary! :)

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vacation update (blogging from the pool)

So sorry I have been MIA for a few days. I have been enjoying the sunshine and nice weather and hanging out in Orlando! It has been sort of a tease being so close to the disney parks but not actually going but its okay bcs I am saving up $$ to live down here with in about 2 short months!

So anyway... I included a few pics of what we have been up to! We met up with my boyfriends brother for dinner at olive garden. We watched wishes from poly beach drink in hand!! :) spent time with my little cousins at the pool and hotel, went to dinner at trex and walked around downtown Disney and had ghiradelli icecream!! We went shopping at the outlets and spent more time at the pool. Ohh and we found the apartment that my dbf and i will be living in when we move down here!

Wow that's a lot in a few short days!! We are stuck in traffic on I 4 right now... no surprise there lol! We are enroute to visit my grandparents in longwood for dinner.

Well tomorrow we will be going to st Petersburg beach to celebrate st pattys day!! Hope all is well with everyone and hopefully this wasn't too boring!!
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Monday, March 14, 2011

day 13

Favorite area at magic kingdom

Asia! I love the feeling of being in this part of the park!! I love eating at yak and yeti and riding everest!!

Well were about to go relax at the pool for a few hrs of prime time sun!! :) later I think were gonna check out some apartments for when we move down here!

Well that's about it for now!!
See ya real soon!

Ps the pic isn't working right now for dome reason... ill edit later!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

favorite Hollywood studios attraction

My fav attraction in dhs is....
Rockin roller coaster. It's just a fun, smooth ride with GREAT music!!

Today we spent about 4 hours at daytona beach then checked into our hotel, Hung out with our cousins, and went swimming. Going to dinner soon!

Have a magical day!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

day 11

Favorite Hollywood studios area:
Pixar place!

I am a huge Pixar fan and love this area! I love tsm and I cannot wait til they do more with this part of the park. And when are they going to make a monsters inc attraction? I looovee that movie.

I am actually blogging from my Droid in the car on the way to Fla for spring break!!! :) yay so happy to escape the Ohio cold for a week! Okay well have a good day everyone!
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 10

Day 10: Favorite attraction in the worlds?

I am gonna count Illuminations as an attraction OKAY? haha well I love the environment of being in the world showcase, but don't necessarily have a favorite attraction. I love Illuminations because it just gives you a chance to stop and take in everything around you! Last time I watched it, like really watched it, was the last day of my vacation with my dbf's family, including "our" niece and nephews! It was such a magical experience and I remember crying because I didn't want it to end! 

I leave for spring break tomorrow and am soooo excited to get out of this nasty snow storm!!! If I don't update as much that will be why!! 
See ya real soon!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 9: Favorite Attraction In Future World!

Soarin'. I love this ride! My dbf hates it but it is def. one of my favorites! I just love the feels and the smells and its just so amazing!! 

Only 74 more days until I check in to begin the next chapter of my life. I CANNOT wait!! Thanks to everyone for following me, reading my blog, and leaving comments. Please continue to let me know how I can make this better or anything you want to see!! :) 
Have a Magical Day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 8!

Day 8! Which is your favorite in Epcot, future world or the worlds?

The World Showcase!

I just love walking around the worlds! my favorite is going at about 8 or so when it starts to get dark and its still warm and just perfect!! I cannot wait to go back. I am excited because when I am working down there my bf and I can have date nights in different countries!! :) 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 7

Day 7: Favorite Attraction in Adventureland

Jungle Cruise!!

This is a great attraction! I definitely would loveee working as a Skipper on Jungle Cruise!! Anyway, I love how this ride is not only exciting but funny as well! Except one time I had a skipper who looked like she hated her life and was NOT exciting! But yes this is a fun ride and one of my top favorite rides overall!! :)

Oh and the DBF and I went to the campus presentation! They talked a bit more in-depth about everything that was in the e-presentation. I won a little disney screen cleaner and Brett won a deck of disney cards for answering trivia questions! They gave us a list of contact info and a pamphlet that looked like the purple folder... but OBVIOUSLY was no where near as cool. :) haha it talked mainly about the living, learning and earning of the DCP. That was basically the extent of the program but it was cool to meet all of the recruiters and campus reps and talk to them about the program!

If anyone has ANY questions or comments or anything they want to talk about.. feel free to comment and I will be suree to let you know! :)

See ya real soon!  

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 6

Day 6: Favorite attraction in Frontier Land

Splash Mountain!
I lovee this ride! Minus the whole getting absolutely soaked thing.. haha but I sort of figured out how to avoid that part. I ask the gift shop for a LARGE plastic bag!! and sort of wrap it around me!! haha works every time!! I just hate walking around the parks in wet shorts and shoes! Anyway. yes this is just a fantastic ride because its great for all ages, its so long! (thats a good thing) and zip a dee do dah is the best song ever!! haha 

Well thats about it for today. Make sure to check out my new page thats full of interview questions/tips if you have yet to apply for the program.

Oh and the dbf and I will be attending the campus presentation today at 6pm. :) super excited to be able to talk about my acceptance!! :) and just be around other disney fans!! Also check out my dbf's (thats disney boyfriend btw) blog thats now linked to my page!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Purple Purple Purple

Yay!! So my folder finally came and I am super excited about it!! It finally feels real! and now I only have like 78 days left to go until I am living my dream of working for WDW.

oh and ps. I just added a page to my blog. Check it out. Its probably not going to be TOOO much use for the rest of this application season but might definitley help future CPs! It sure helped me!!

Day 5

Day 5: Favorite Attraction in Liberty Square

Haunted Mansion.
So this is for sure my DBFs absolute favorite... mine.. I like it but its not like one of my all time favorite attractions. I do love the special effects and everything though. I am also excited to see the results of the refurb of the queue when its finished! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 3 and 4... a little behind

Okay so I totally didnt have an opportunity to update this at all yesterday so I did two today! My DBF and I have been talking alot about what things were going to need to bring down with us and its very frustrating because since we wont be living in the provided housing, we need to bring things like couches and tables and a bed down with us. Lots to think about in the next 70 some odd days! AHH! can we just get there alreadyy!

Day 4: Favorite Attraction in Fantasy Land

Mickey's Phillhar Magic.

I am a HUGE fan of these type of 3D shows. This one is the best though. With all of the smells and the sprays of water and the music and excitement- its hard not to love it! I look forward to this attraction the most when I go to Disney! I cant wait to go again!

Day 3: Favorite Attraction in Tomorrowland

Space Mountain.

Space Mountain is just such a fun ride! I just love how exciting the ride is because you don't know what to expect because its so dark! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

day 2: my favorite land at Magic Kingdom

Hey again. I am getting so excited to get out of this freezing cold weather and get down to florida. I am so over school this semester and just cannot wait to be done. I think were down to like 80 days til check in! May 23rd... hurry up!

So day two of the 30 day challenge is my favorite land at magic kingdom. And the winner is............

Fantasay Land!!
Okay so this was sort of hard because this land does not contain all of my favorite rides or anything but once again I'm huge on the whole disney magic thing and the magical atmosphere and this is definitely where its at!! :) I am excited for the new expansion and cant wait to see how much has been done since I was there last in August. 

Well thats all for today! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 Day Challenge

Okay so I decided that I am going to start this 30 day challenge to make life a little more exciting while I wait anxiously for my 5/23 arrival date. Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Brett, listed below is the challenge for each day. I will start today and TRY to update each day :) have fun and I hope you learn a little bit more about me and my lovve for Disney!

Day 1: Favorite Disney World Park


There is just NOTHING like walking down Main Street and seeing the Castle and Walt himself right there greeting you. It puts a smile on my face every time. :) and I know that I am FINALLY back at the Happiest Place on Earth. The best thing is the atmosphere when you are in this park. Talk about feelin the magic.. its all over the place. This is definitely the park where I feel the most Disney spirit. From Dumbo, to Jungle Cruise, to the smell of ice cream on main street, to Wishes at the end of the day, this park is where I want to be. 

See ya real soon!

30 day picture challenge 

  1. Favorite Walt Disney World park?
  2. Favorite land in the Magic Kingdom?
  3. Favorite attraction in Tomorrowland?
  4. Favorite attraction in Fantasyland?
  5. Favorite attraction in Liberty Square?
  6. Favorite attraction in Frontierland?
  7. Favorite attraction in Adventureland?
  8. Which is your favorite in Epcot, future world or the worlds?
  9. Favorite attraction in future world?
  10. Favorite attraction in the worlds?
  11. Favorite Hollywood Studios area?
  12. Favorite Hollywood Studios attraction?
  13. Favorite Animal Kingdom area?
  14. Favorite Animal Kingdom attraction
  15. Favorite Walt Disney World Resort?
  16. Favorite snack to grab in the parks?
  17. Favorite restaurant?
  18. What attraction do you wish they would bring back?
  19. What is your least favorite attraction?
  20. Favorite Walt Disney World dessert?
  21. Favorite character to see in the park?
  22. Favorite parade?
  23. What is the scariest ride?
  24. Favorite face character? (shows their true face, no mask)
  25. Favorite activity outside of the park, but still on Disney property?
  26. Favorite Souvenir?
  27. Favorite Walt Disney World breakfast?
  28. Favorite firework show?
  29. Favorite monorail color?
  30. Favorite statue, fountain, or eye candy in the parks? (something that always grabs youreye)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So for anyone who doesn't know me, my name is Alyssa and I'm from Ohio! I applied for the Walt Disney World College Program for the first time on January 19th, and 2 days later, on the 21st, had my phone interview. After 19 days of waiting I received my letter saying that I was pending... :( NOT what I was hoping for. But I stayed as positive as I could and 21 days later (thats today!) I got my congrats email! I will be working as an Attractions cast member for the Fall Advantage program. The best part is, my boyfriend, Brett, got accepted too!! He will be doing merchandise! We both check in on May 23rd and will be living in an apartment not through Disney housing. 

So basically I am really excited and cannot wait to begin this new adventure in my life. I will try to post as much as I can, but until I actually get there, life might not be toooo exciting! But hopefully you will follow me in my journey to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Til next time!