Interview Questions/Tips

Okay. So before applying for the CP I did alot of research on other people's blogs, disboards and facebook and decided that I should make myself a study guide of questions that I might get asked during my interview. So I decided to compile some of the questions I found on each different website, along with other important questions I assumed they would ask and went through and wrote out answers for all of them. My thinking was that even if I didnt say exactly what I had written down, at least I had a GENERAL idea of what to say. So to save some of you future CPs some hassle... I have attached my study guide and my answers for you. :) I really hope this will help with you interview, because I know that it helped alot by being so prepared. Now, obviously this is VERY in-depth and probably unnecessary but hey! it helped me! The highlighted questions are the ones that I was asked during my interview (in so many words). Also, I did my best to come up with questions that would be specific to the roles I was applying for.

  •  Remember it is also important to get your recruiter's name and have questions prepared to ask.
  • Do your phone interview in front of a mirror. Trust me. Sounds so weird but you will smile more and act much more excited.
  • have fun and be yourself because they can tell over the phone if you are acting.
  • Let your Disney spirit shine through!! :)
  • Smile Smile Smile!!

Walt Disney World College Program

Recruiter’s Name : _______________________________

·          SMILE!!

NOTES : __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Why do you want to do the Walt Disney World College Program?
o   I want to experience this amazing opportunity, meet new people, develop professional skills, and live out my dream.
Are you familiar with the parks, resorts, and Orlando area?
o   Disney parks and resorts, yes. Orlando area-somewhat.
What does Disney mean to you?
o   When I hear the word Disney I think of magic, family and happily ever after. To me Disney means making guests dreams come true.
How will the college program help you professionally?
o   It will give me interaction with children and being placed in situations where I will be challenged on a regular basis.
What do you think the worst aspect of WDW CP housing would be and why?
o   Not being able to entertain guests after 1am. I think I might get frustrated with this the easiest because if I had family come down to visit they couldn’t stay with me. But I completely understand why this rule is in effect and anyways, I could have late night shifts then an early one the next day and I should probably be in bed anyway!
What are you most looking forward to?
o   I think I am most looking forward to not only fulfilling a dream of mine but meeting new people, taking chances, new experiences, and working for the most well known and well represented company in the world. Oh and getting out of the snow here in Ohio.
What makes you a good candidate for the WDW CP?
o   I have grown up in a home where Saturday mornings consisted of watching the Mickey Mouse Club, and endless shows on the Disney Channel. I first visited WDW when I was 16 months old and have since visited the world at least once a year since, each time experiencing the magic that I felt the first time I went. My passion for Disney has since led me to the dream of one day working there and I feel that this enthusiasm coupled with my strong work ethic and enjoyment of social interaction makes me a great candidate for the WDW CP.
What are three positive qualities about yourself?
·        I am a generally positive person. I have learned that negativity doesn’t lead to happiness so I try to find the positives in every situation.
·        I have good communication skills- I understand how important it is to be open with co-workers and be able to communicate effectively.
What can you offer the company?
o   I can offer the company great leadership skills, a positive attitude and 100% dedication.
Describe a situation where I've had to work with a difficult person, boss or professor.
·        While working for the Captains, my managers would not accept feedback. I had to learn to handle situations on my own and develop problemsolving skills because our staff was not approachable.
3 words you/your manager/your coworkers would use to describe you?
o   Bubbly, Positive, creative
What Disney character is most like you?

What's a magical moment you've had in the Disney parks?
·        When I finally met Belle for the first time! She told me that meeting me was a dream come true and we would be friends forever.

If you were doing a task that was repetitive, how would you keep yourself interested in it?
o   Try to invent new ways of accomplishing it along with trying to make more of a game out of it.

What are three negative qualities about yourself?
·        I am not always great at time management but have gotten increasingly better over the years. Surprisingly tho the busier I am, the better I tend to be in this area.
Do you mind working and living a 1000 miles away from home?
·        No. I live an hour away from home while away at school and have been on many trips without my family. While it is difficult I plan to manage by using skype and talking on the phone as regularly as possible.


  • What are your top four roles?
1.      BBB
2.      Character Attendant
3.      Character Performer
4.      Attractions
5.      Concierge
6.      Hospitality
  • Why role #1?
  • Why role #2
  • Why role #3?
  • Why role #4?


Salon Experience?
o   I was the person in charge of doing hair and makeup for my little sisters competitive cheerleading squad from when she was 6 until she was 12. I did updo’s, curls, and even added ribbons and glitter. Stage make-up was necessary so I did that as well.
o   Experience with kids- I am an education major so I work with children on a regular basis during field hours. I also worked in the Kids Zone at the Captains Stadium where kids went on inflatables and played games. I babysatt for 10 years and have grown up with younger siblings and cousins as well.

How would you react if a little girl was shy and didnt want to come and get dressed up
o   I would begin talking to her about her favorite princess and tell her that we can make her into a princess too!! I would make sure that she knew exactly what would be going on and help her pick out things for her outfit.

Character Attendant:
What if a guest is being violent with a character?
o   I would probably ask them nicely to stop. If they didn’t stop (or parents didn’t take action toward misbehaving child) I would maybe try to contact security or try to get the character a safe distance from the guest without harm to the character or myself.

What does character integrity mean to you?

What would you do if a child was afraid of a character?

What would you tell guests if you had to turn them away because a line was closed for the day?

How do you feel speaking in front of large groups?

What if someone asked why the fur characters don’t talk?
o   They are saving their voice for the parade later on!

how I would say '____ has to leave'.
o   Mickey- Has to go take Pluto for a walk
o   Donald- Has to go get ready for his date with daisy
o   Cinderella- has to go get ready for the ball.

Character Performer:

How would I act as a character performer?

What would I do if a child was scared of me?

What would you do if a 4 year old girl wanted to ride space mountain but she was too short?

In terms of a spiel ride (I said I was interested in GMR)- talk about a situation in which I have talked in front of a large group of people.
o   No. As per my job duties at the university of Akron I often times gave campus tours to large groups of people and felt that I did rather well performing in this type of role.
What would you do if you messed up your spiel?
Are you comfortable talking in front of people?
How do you feel speaking in front of large groups?

What would you do if you were working the front desk and the guests wanted a non-smoking, pool view room and there were non available?
How do you feel about being trained on a computer reservation system?
How would you make a guest feel special as they are beginning their Disney vacation?

What do you think the duties of a concierge are?

How are you experienced for this role?
How would you make each guest feel special?

Do you have any cash handling experience?

How do you feel working with a computerized reservation system?

  • Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast
  • Favorite Character: Belle
  • Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom
  • Favorite Ride: Jungle cruise, kilaminjaro safari, Rockin Roller coaster
Do you have cash handling experience?
  • Yes. I worked as a manager at The Lake County Captains stadium where I was in charge of counting the drawers at the end of the night.
Are you open to QSFB or Custodial roles?
o   no
Explain how you would handle an emergency.
Do you mind working outside, in the Florida heat?
o   No. I worked as a lifeguard for 4 years and am used to the long hours in the heat. I know florida heat is different but I think that I could handle it.
Would you rather work alone or in a group setting?
o   Group
How would you handle a guest who doesn’t speak English, but clearly needs help?
o   I would direct them to Guest Relations and help them find someone to translate.
Do you mind working morning, evenings, late nights, weekends, holidays?
o   No. I am very flexible and am willing to work whatever shifts that are assigned to me.
Would you rather work in a slow or a fast-paced environment?
o   I definitely prefer to be busy. I feel that I work better under pressure and my time management skills tend to be better when I have more going on. It really makes me prioritize and get things done in reasonable time frames.

  • How would you make a guest’s day?


  • Tell me about your past jobs.
  • Tell me about a time where you made a guest happy at a previous job.
  • How would your bosses (past & present) describe you?
  • Tell me about a time where you didn’t get along with your co-workers.
  • Tell me about a time where a guest was difficult. What did you do?
  • As a guest, what do you expect when you arrive to your WDW Resort?
  • What are three positive qualities about yourself?
  • What are three negative qualities about yourself?


  • How do you feel about the apartment/dorm setting?
  • How would you handle living away from home?
  • How would you handle a roommate disagreement?
  • What do you think the worst aspect of Disney Housing would be?