Tuesday, May 31, 2011

memorial day weekend.

Aloha! Just boarded the monorail at polynesian resort to take it to the transportation and ticket center so we can go to epcot. I haven't been there yet since I've been down here so I am excited!! So I had training on Sunday and Monday both days was from 7am-330 pm.
Sunday was training on how to open peter pan!! It was really fun and not too difficult. Oh and I got to actually walk on the ride set, talk about creepy. All the animatronic characters were moving and everything... crazy. So I got to try out all the different positions and interact with guests a lot. I really like it. It's like impossible not to be in a good mood when working there. It was a long day so I was glad to get home. My feet were killingggg me. We just relaxed that night went to Walmart and went to bed early.
Tuesday (yesterday) I arrived bright and early and got to do small world open. It was wayy creepier than peter pan was but it was still fun. It's a small world requires a lot more thinking and attention than peter pan does but its not too bad. I worked til 330 then went home and changed and drove to my uncles for a lookout. We went swimming a.d just hug out for a bit so it was nice.

Today I got to sleep in!! Finally! We went to costuming to get more uniforms. Ps. Costuming is crazy! It is a huge warehouse full of costumes for different areas of the park. All you have to do is go in, grab your costumes, swipe your card lay the clothes on the counter and it automatically registers the items that toy have and that's it!!! So cool, all shopping needs to be that easy.
Oh and to anyone who is looking to live off property for a college program or something, check out where we live. Its called abaco key and it literally takes me 7 mins to get to work at the magic kingdom. I'm actually closer than I would have been if I lived in the cp housing. Annndd I get to take back roads and avoid all the traffic that other cps have to wait in. Amazing.

Oh and to future cps, utilize the stores called company D and cast connection and property control. We get really cheap fresh produce (limited amts), and Disney merchandise for literally 75-90 % off park prices. Example. Mickey ears- 20$ in stores, I can get them for .25 lol insane!
Well that's about it for now. Were at epcot finally and just grabbed a small dinner in Japan!! Now were gonna walk around a bit then watch illumunations! Oh and this is my schedule for the next 2 weeks!! Just to give you a sense of how my schedules will be lol please note the hours of these shifts lol

june 3-11

1 Thurs 6/2 3pm-11:30pm
2 Fri 6/3 6:30pm-3am
3 Sat 6/4 11am-7:30pm
4 Sun 6/5 6:15pm-3am
5 Wed 6/8 3:45pm-1:45am
6 Thurs 6.9 5pm-12:45am
7 Fri 6/10 5:15pm-2:30 am
8 Sat 6/11 5/45-11:45

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

may the force be with you.

Blogging from the 45 min wait line for star tours at Hollywood studios. Just figured I'd drop by and say that I am loving this new life of mine!! Lol I had the day off today so I woke up and had breakfast by the pool then went back, got ready and Brett and I and our friend Andrew went to animal kingdom. It was very hot and packed so we only got on dinosaur but also walked the 2 jungle trails. We left and went to grab some cheap food from burger king off property and then came to dhs (disney Hollywood studios). It's crazy busy here too. So yeah its been a long day and I have to be at magic kingdom for training BY 7am tomorrow. Well that's all for now! :)
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Friday, May 27, 2011

let the rain rain rain come down down down...

Name that movie!! Lol
Hiya pals! Haha I'm blogging from the boardwalk bar lounge while were waiting out the crazy rain storm/monsoon that has ensued in the past hour or so! We came here to pin trade, explore, get ice cream and look for hidden mickeys.
So anyway the past 2 days have been totally crazyy! I am so exhausted! Just to give everyone an idea of training and what its like here's what my schedule has been this week!

Wednesday: Traditions 2-6pm
Thursday: once upon a dream is now class and orientation 715am-5pm
Friday: 8am-430pm training
Saturday: off

So yesterday was once upon a dream is now, this was an orientation to magic kingdom! We got to learn a lot of the history of the park and all about Walt's dream. We also got to ride haunted mansion and people mover while on the clock!! It was awesome! We had some classes, did some online learning exercises and ate lunch! Our breakroom has a subway, a grill, ice cream and so much stuff. It was so cool to eat there, a little pricey tho but that's expected! After lunch we got a tour of our area (mines fantasyland) and got our specific positions! I'm gonna be working peter pan and its a small world! The last thing we did was go to costuming and get our adorable(Haha ya right) costumes. Actually, as unattractive as they are, they could be much worse! At least I get to wear shorts and tennis shoes! So yeah, it was a long day but when I got off I still went to Hollywood studios with Brett and a few of our friends! We went on star tours, puppets and saw Fantasmic ! It was a great day!
Today I had training at 8am and we went straight to fantasy land! We learned how to do fastpass distribution which was standing by the peter pan fastpasses and answering questions, assisting guests with fastpasses, and reloading the actual passes into the machine! We then moved to the fastpass return line and learned what to do there. Very basic. We got plenty of time to practice and surprisingly I felt really comfortable right away! We also got to ride peter pan, winnie the pooh, its a small world and snow white!! Amazingg! We did like 2 hours of online e learning which was quite boring but was all necessary. So basically that was our day leading up to this crazy storm which is surprisingly finally over!! so now its home to watch a movie, maybe play a board game or something then go to sleep! Thank god I get to sleep in tomorrow!! Okay well that's all for now!!
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

it was all started by a mouse!

Hey there! Blogging from the monorail on my way back to my car from magic kingdom!! I got in with my cast ID which I can now do 365days a year.:) awesome.
Today was traditions! It was basically an orientation into the Disney company. We learned about working with integrity, respect, safety, etc. We also got to tour the utilidors which are the underground tunnels beneath magic kingdom! I was picked by my group to be group leader and that was pretty cool! I won a little Minnie figurine and a Pluto one too for answering questions!! It was a long day but totally exciting! Oh and tips dir future cast members, bring snacks, you get very hungry! Oh and girls, don't wear heels, and if you do, bring flats to wear for the tour.

And the best part about today was that I got my official name tag and my cast member ID!!
After traditions I went home, changed, and went to the park!! Now its off to down town Disney for ice cream and walking around!
Well this is my stop to get off the monorail! Hope to talk to you all soon! Have a great day!!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

its a small world afterall....

Hey everyone, sorry its been a few days. So Sunday night 5/22 we had a cp meet up at Earl of sandwich at down town Disney. It was really awkward at first because we didn't know who was cps and who wasn't so we were nervously going up to people. But eventually we met everyone and had a great time. Brett and I met another couple in line for margaritas(needless to say we got along great!) Haha so we chatted for a bit then met some other people too. It was funny because a lot of us were already Facebook friends so we would sorta know each other lol it was funny. So after the meet up we came home and relaxed and I read my book out on the patio.:) perfect!

Monday morning we woke up early for Checkin. We walked in and found out our work locations..... I am working...... FANTASY LAND ATTRACTIONS!!!!! I am generally really excited. This means ill be working things like dumbo, snow white, winnie the pooh, peter pan, mickeys philhar magic, and.....its a small.world. yes that song will be stuck in my head the next 7 months lol. So yeah I an excited to start working. The rest of check in consisted of turning in papers, background checks, learning about the Disney look, etc. We found out our schedule for the next few days as well. I have today off then tomorrow I have traditions (Disney orientation) at 2 then Thursday training 7-5. I will definitely blog about how that goes as well. I also met 2 really nice girls who also live off property so we are gonna get together tomorrow I believe. Oh and I finally met some of my friends who I have been talking to online for a few months so that was exciting!!

Then last night we went putt putting at winter summerland mini golf. It is a Christmas themed putt putt course. Very fun even tho I didn't win!! Oh well ill beat Brett eventually.;) okay well its time to soak up some more sun because who knows when the next time is that ill have a day off!!
Have a magical day everyone.
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Saturday, May 21, 2011


HLey there everyone! Blogging poolside today! Yes that is a pic of our resort style pool at our apartment :) amazing. I haven't Blogger in a few days because we haven't done anything crazy lol. We went to Hollywood studios yesterday for a while. We rode toy story mania and the new startours it was pretty good. The park was packed tho. It was apparently like 3000 over capacity. Yesterday was the first hot humid day we've had this week and it wasn't toooo bad. Oh and we saw pirates!! We saw the midnight showing and it was so good. So that's all I've been up to the past few days and now I am just relaxing by the pool! There's not a cloud in the sky! ( sorry Ohio people don't be toooo jealous!!)

So I am getting very anxious and excited to check in on Monday and start working! I can't wait to see my uniform and where I am actually working and everything!! Okay well sorry this was short and boring but I'm gonna soak up some sun! Love you all!!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey everyone!! Blogging from the lobby at the contemporary resort! We just finished eating dinner at the wave. It's a really nice sit down restaraunt and dinners are like 30$ each but since were on the dining plan, its okay!! So since I have been eating huge meals 3 times a day for the past 3 days, I can't wait to get back to my healthy eating and finally try out the rec center at our apartment.

Today Brett (that's my dbf for those of you who don't know) and I woke up, went to a dvc tour, then went back and put our new desk together! Oh and we went to the best friends resort. Get this, its a resort for pets only. No people can stay there. They have luxury rooms for dogs that have flat screen tvs and big beds Haha it was sooooo funny. After that we went to magic kingdom for a little bit.(were lucky because Bretts mom is also a cast member and is able to get is in to the park until we get our own main gate pass.
Were about to go back to the apt to continue organizing and relax a bit. Pictures will come soon I promise. The place is still sorta a mess.:/ well that all for now have a great night everyone!!
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Monday, May 16, 2011


1 week from today I actually begin my job!! :) Super excited! So last night we finally got all of our stuff! However, it wasnt until midnight! Talk about exhaustion! haha we started unloading at about 12:15am and then by the time we got everything in and organized enough that we could sleep, it was 3:20 am!! This place is still all disorganized but at least we finally have everything! 
Brett and I signed our parts of the lease and then got our key! So that was exciting. Oh and Izzi loves playing in the puppy park that is right outside of our apartment! :) Anddd we bought her a minnie mouse dress that she loves and we got it at this place called company D that is for cast members only! Yesterday we also went to dinner at Ohanas! Its a really nice, Hawaiian themed sit down restaurant. It was delicious :) 
Today we are going to get lunch in a little bit and then go to this place called property control to hopefully find a boxspring, a desk and any other little furniture pieces that we need! Hey Ohio, I hear that its cold and rainy there... its like 75 and sunny here today! Okay, well its back to organizing for me. Hope everyone has a great day today!

<3 alyssa

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, after a 17 hour car ride (that I drove entirely by my self) we made it safe and sound to our new home in Orlando, Florida. I am currently sitting on my balcony with my puppy, Izzi, enjoying the morning, and blogging of course. I am going to do my best to keep up with this so that all of my friends and family can see what I am up to! 

So we left willoughby ohio at about 4:45 am on saturday 5/14 and arrived in Orlando at about 9:30 pm the same day. Almost 17 hours! Exhausting. We are still waiting on the moving truck to arrive with most of our stuff so we arent really able to organize or begin unpacking yet. When we arrived last night, we went for pizza at a new local pizzeria, called flippers! It was soo good! We came back from there and unpacked a few little things, attempted to get Izzi acquainted with her new home, and then went to bed. What a day! Not too sure what today has in store but I am sure its exciting and relaxing!! Okay well thats all I really have for now, I just cant wait to meet all of my new disney friends!!!

Missing all of my Family and Friends back home in Ohio!!! But already loving things about living down here!! Keep in touch and have a magical day!! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Packing and Getting Excited!!

Wow so I totally havent written in like over a month! Reasons for that are endless ranging from sorority events and formals to finals and socializing with friends for the last time before my cp. But anyway I'm back and plan to (we know how that goes tho) update rather regularly from here on out.  Now some of you may not know, but I am not living in the provided Disney housing. Reasons being that I have an adorable little puppy that I could not live without for 7 months and my bf and I have lived tg for 2 years and we couldn't just live apart. So we got an apartment right behind wdw property and its basically awesome! So since we are completely up and moving from ohio to florida we are packing and moving EVERYTHING! And since we arent living in the provided housing, we are moving in a week early to get moved in, unpacked, situated and familiar with the area before we actually begin working! With that being said, we leave in 5 days.. FIVE! sooo crazy.

I have had really mixed emotions lately. I go from upset and sad about leaving everything behind, to being completely excited and unable to handle the constant anticipation!! :) :) But either way, saturday morning is just around the corner and we still have alot to do! We have been packing but are no where near done! Were mostly packing in boxes and big tuperware type buckets but theres alot of random stuff that seems to have no where to go. Goodness, I forgot how tedious packing really is.

I am sort of nervous about the 16 hour drive that I am doing all by myself. I mean I am following behind my boyfriends and his moms cars but still, 16 hours in a car by myself..BOORRRINNNGG! I have already been updating my ipod with exciting disney playlists and other things to keep me occupied.

I really cant wait to find out where exactly I am working and meet all of my soon to be new friends!! :) I am really sad about leaving all of my friendss so I really hope to meet alot of new people! I cant believe that we check in 2 weeks from today. It feels like just yesterday that we were counting down from like 80!

Thats basically all I have for now, but its back to packing and organizing for me. Until nextime...

"If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true"