Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hey everyone sorry its been awhile....again lol . I have been working tons of crazy hours the past few weeks. Usually Fridays and Sundays are my late nights (most likely I work like 5-330am.) Then theres usually at least 1 if not two more nights later than 1 am lol. It's quite exhausting. Last week I spent some time with friends and magic kingdom and epcot. It was a lot of fun.
We've had a lot of rain lately!! But I'm told that's normal for summer down here. I haven't really gone out at all or done anything crazy exciting but I have plenty of time. It was super exciting for me because a family from home, who my family has known for years, the arcaros are down here on vacation and I randomly saw them on like Thursday. I was sooo excited because they were the first people that I saw down here from home!! Speaking of is one of the first days that I am reallllllyy missing home and that's because its my little sisters grad party and I can't be there to celebrate with her, my family and our closest friend. It's absolutely killing me!!. I miss everyone a lot.:(

Anyway, I am just relaxing by the pool, which u haven't done for a while because of work lol. But its back inside I go to make some lunch andd once again get ready for work. Until next time..
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Earning my ears, Magical Moments, and Long hours.. OH my!

Hey everyone! First off let me appologize for being MIA for so long. Its been crazy down here. With working most nights from about 5 pm til any time between 1145 and 3 am.... I have been exhausted. But still am managing to have a great time on my days off. As stated previously I enjoyed memorial day weekend by spending some quality time with my grandparents and uncle and his gf over in longwood. I went to Animal Kingdom one day last week with my friend Kelly who I met at check in! Its sort of nice having the whole day off before work because I get to enjoy the sun a little bit. So another day last week I went and relaxed at the Polynesian. I went for some dole whip, it is a pineapple ice cream that is only found in 4 places in the US, and ended up relaxing on the beach for a few hrs before work! Perfect. 
June 4th was an exciting day for me! I Earned my Ears!! This means that I passed my assessment and am now able to work by my self!!
Brett and I have not seen eachother alot. :( its usually in passing when we see eachother or at like 4 am. lol So that is sort of frustrating but we have been having at least 1 day off a week together which is nice.On monday this week brett and I were both off so we went to Magic Kingdom for a bit to just have some fun. We got ice cream from mainstreet and were able to hop right on Peter Pan (see long hours do have perks!) lol on tuesday I went to Hollywood Studios (DHS) to have some more fun with my friend Jordan who I work with and her roommates. Turns out we had a GREAT time. We had lunch at Pizza Planet, rode Rockin Rollercoaster finallyy, and got our pictures with a ton of characters. After DHS we went to Magic Kingdom and were there for a bit. We rode big thunder mountain and a bunch of other rides. Needless to say we were exhausted and decided to leave around 11. Wow my life soounds pretty exciting when I actually write it down. Oh we also took Izzi to get groomed at the Disney's Best Friends Resort. Yet it is a puppy hotel on disney property. But with my cast discount we paid just as much as we have ever paid at petsmart. So it was a good deal. 
I worked that night from 3:45-1:45 and actually the night went really fast. Then yesterday I woke up and decided I wanted to visit Brett at work. Cast Members get into the waterparks free until june 12th so I figured Id check out Typhoon Lagoon since i had never been there. It was fun to see brett working! He does merchandise at this shop called Singapore Sals. Its a really cute store. So I went down some slides, waited for the HUGE wave in the wavepool and spent most of my time in the lazy river. Eventually it was time for me to go to work so over to MK I went.
Normally I wouldnt tell you all about a shift a work but there was something special about yesterday.. So Peterpan has the Fastpass option. For those of you that dont know what this is... just ask me. Anyway, so sometimes we get some extra ones to hand out to make Magical Moments. So there have been times before where I have done this, and people arent very excited about it like I would hope they would be. So I had these 2 fast passes last night and wanted to find the right people to give it to. So eventually this couple is walking by and the girl says to the guy, "I dont want to wait 45 mins, weve been here all day and I am tired." So I asked them, have you guys ever been on this before, and they said yes, they had but it was the girls favorite ride since she was 3 lol. So I ask them if they'd like to go, and they got big smiles on their faces and said yes. So I was happy that they were so appreciative and went on my way to continue working. A few mins later I am sweeping, near the exit of the ride and I see the couple talking to my manager. They saw me and said "You made our entire vacation worthwhile and we wanted someone to know!!" So they specifically told my manager and they filled out a paper for me saying that I made an amazing magical moment!! This is what makes these long hours and the hot hot heat, TOTALLY worth it!! :) it was the perfect way to end the night! 

Well sorry for the lonnngg post but hope yall are all caught up on my life now! lol miss you all back home! Byeee!