Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Magical Engagement 9/12/11

Dreams really do come true in Disney!!

Hey there everyone!! So on Monday September 12 2011, my boyfriend of six and a half years, PROPOSED!!! Okay so grab some popcorn and get comfy because im about to tell the story of a princess and the day her prince charming asked her to marry him. :) ahhhhhh!!!! 

Once upon a time... JUST KIDDING....So earlier in the week Brett had asked me if I wanted to spend our day off at EPCOT. Of course I agreed, so Monday morning found us waking up early and heading off to epcot. We arrived around 11 and began walking around. Brett asked if I wanted to go walk around the World Showcase first. (For those of you non-disney people, the world showcase is the part of epcot that has the countries). So anyway, we head in the direction of Canada and eventually end up by the International Gateway (once again, for those who dont know, this is the back entrance of epcot that connects to Disney's Boardwalk). Brett asked me if I wanted to leave and go walk around the boardwalk for a bit. So I agreed. We start walking toward the Beach Club resort which is a gorgeous resort with a little beach in front of it. So as were walking, Brett asked what I wanted to do...I told him that I didnt really care but we should sit down and figure it out. (that's actually exactly what he wanted.) So we sat on one of those bench swings on the beach facing the lake and were trying to figure out what to do.....
Back Story
3 Hours earlier...
As I was getting ready for the day at epcot, I decided to wear a dress. (I rarely wear dresses so it was sooo cool that I actually looked nice for such a special day.) Anyway, I was looking everywhere for my Pandora bracelet because I wanted to wear it and was freaking out that I couldnt find it. I asked Brett if he had seen it, and he told  me not to worry about it because we needed to get going. So annoyed and frustrated I couldnt find it, we left the house.
FFWD back to the bench swing on the beach...
Okay so were sitting there and Brett tells me that he found my bracelet on the way out of the apt today...I was like oh.. okay.... where was it? he told me it was next to the bed and he pulls it out of his bag and hands it to me..I look at it and go to put it on.. and OMG!!! he put the ring on the bracelet! The minute I realized it, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!! AHHH it was amazing!! So after the smiles, hugs, kisses and screams I told him I needed to call my mom. He said I HAD to call my friend Jordan first because she helped him plan it. So, I called her and she was like AHH CONGRATS, now come say hi to me.....what...So I turn around and there she is!! She was stationed on the lawn chairs taking pictures!! PERFECTION!! So she took some pics of us on the beach and went on her way!! She is amazing! 
So if that werent enough of a surprise in itself, we walked around the rest of the boardwalk while calling the rest of our families and ended up over by the Boardwalk Inn. Brett said we were going in to get Just Engaged buttons, when really... we were checking in! He booked us a night at the Boardwalk with a view of the lake. It was amazing. So we checked in and got our room then ended up going over to Magic Kingdom to take pictures in front of the castle and to tell everyone at work the good news!! :) 
After that, we changed and went to surprise #3.. Dinner at Les Chefs De France at Epcot. Complete with a 10$ glass of wine, french bread, salad, some delicious french version of baked mac n cheese, and creme brulee for dessert. Best part? we had a window seat so we got to watch Illuminations (Epcot's Firework and light show) from the dinner table!!!! :) I know right????
So we made our way back to the room and ended the night at the pool/hot tub. Needless to say it was a perfect day. We had perfect sunny 85 degree weather all day. With NO RAIN! It was so much fun and I was so surprised! We checked out of the hotel this morning and had breakfast at the bakery on the boardwalk. Now begins the fun part of planning our dream wedding! We thank everyone for the wonderful support and congratulatory messages you have sent our way. Get excited for the most EPIC wedding ever!!!! 
And they lived happily ever after..
The End

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